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Martin Lewis – Free Boiler Scheme

July 4, 2013

Martin Lewis is an award-winning campaigning TV and radio presenter, newspaper columnist and best-selling author. He founded the UK’s largest money site, Money Saving Experts, in 2003 for just £100 and it now receives over 13m monthly users.

And the ultra-specialised journalist has announced the launch of the much anticipated ECO Boiler Scheme on ITV’s Daybreak show.
The ECO Boiler Scheme is a Government-run initiative to improve the efficiency of thousands of homes up and down the UK. The proposals set will force Britain’s major energy companies into ensuring the energy efficiency of their consumers. The scheme is especially targeted at those earning a low income or in receipt of income-related benefits or pensions.

And since the scheme’s launch, four of the country’s ‘big six’ suppliers have already started to roll out new boilers. EDF, Eon, Npower and Scottish & Southern have all issued free heating systems worth up to £2,300.

You don’t need to be a customer either and with a new boiler in place you stand to save hundreds of pounds on your gas and electricity bills every year by boosting home efficiency. It’s a welcome relief to many, who can’t afford the replacement of their inefficient heating system and instead are left wasting money on costly fuel expenses each month.

The scheme is typically aimed at those on the gas grid, with an inefficient, broken or old boiler in place. To see if you qualify for the ECO scheme apply now. Installations can take 12 weeks from registration and there is limited funding, so it’s on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you qualify, the installation will be free of charge, but costs can incur if extra work needs to be carried out, such as the fitting of new radiators or the boiler needing to be sited elsewhere in the home. Of course, this will be mentioned before you sign-up to a contract.